Today’s ownership developments could prove very significant – Talk Chelsea

Most of us have thought that the race to buy Chelsea Football Club was, for the most part, just a two-horse race.

The unpopular Ricketts Family Group appeared to be pitted against Todd Boehly’s consortium as the two strongest contenders for the club’s landing. But as always in situations like this, the race remained wide open and is probably more open than many of us believed.

Whether or not the #NoToRicketts campaign had an impact remains to be seen, but I’m inclined to think it did/has had an impact.

Boehly’s group always seemed like the best overall consortium to buy Chelsea for many reasons, and most Blues fans still believe that to be the case. But there is one outsider that the two favorites will now be looking firmly over the shoulder and that is Stephen Pagliuca.

Two significant developments have happened today that really make them the leading contenders to buy Chelsea.

First of all, John Terry’s True Blues Consortium came out and announced that they would publicly support Pagliuca’s bid and support her. That alone is huge news and will make Pagliuca’s group very popular for many reasons.

Then Pagliuca himself confirmed these events with an official statement that included the full list of his group’s investors, a group of very wealthy people, making his consortium now both financially strong and experienced.

These are certainly very interesting developments and the underdogs can now really imagine their chances here.