I was surprised, but at the same time not surprised, to see the results of a new survey today.

With the new ownership move, everyone has their own views and opinions on who they want to govern and of course we are all entitled as Chelsea fans to have our own views on that.

But what’s worrying about today’s poll is that it makes it clear that many, although we don’t need to stress all of them, Chelsea fans are clearly only interested in the new owners who come in and spend big bucks on shiny new players and those morals and values of the people in charge don’t matter that much.

Like I said, I’m not surprised. This is modern football and modern fanfare, exactly what many fans are obsessed with getting a team full of superstars.

We won’t see another Roman Abramovich at Chelsea, I’m pretty sure of that. So some fans really need to dig into reality a bit and see the bigger picture here.

Of course we all like to see quality players fill our squad and if we want to continue to compete with those at the top we need to invest in the squad and we all know that. But that that’s more important than a racist owner, just for example, is a really shocking look from my point of view.

Ideally we all three want an owner with morals and values ​​but who is also happy to invest in the squad and rebuild Stamford Bridge. That’s obviously the goal. But I think some should reconsider their priorities here.