Saturday’s Chelsea match has never come at more perfect timing – Talk Chelsea

Chelsea host Brentford at 3pm on Saturday at Stamford Bridge and never has a game at Stamford Bridge been more welcome.

These past few weeks have been filled with ups, downs, turmoil, drama and so many mixed feelings for Chelsea fans. It’s a very difficult time to support this club and some fans have never gone through it before. Over the past 20 years, some fans only knew Roman Abramovich.

Roman Abramovic

Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Now there’s all sorts of rumors and debates going on about the potential new owners and it’s been absolutely exhausting following all this and trying to form opinions and doing all the research on potential new owners.

The #NoToRicketts campaign brought all of us fans together moving in the same direction, and that was an amazing thing. But at the moment we’re still hearing about them going strong in the race to buy Chelsea FC, making one wonder if it was all worth it.

It was, but that’s not the point. The emotional rollercoaster ride is taking its toll on all of us and we desperately need to watch our beloved Chelsea play football just to take a break from it all and take our minds off it and get on the pitch, even if it’s only fair for 90 minutes.

I don’t like international breaks anyway, but this one was even more painful and lengthy due to the off-field situation. But Saturday brings a time for all of us to get our minds and eyes back on the pitch and that is very much needed for all of us, I can confidently speak for all of us!