Player Ratings from Atlanta United’s road loss to Charlotte FC

player ratings

GK Brad Guzan 3: The only thing we really have to judge Guzan in this match turned out to be the most important moment of the match. Whether you’re chalking up a miscalculation of flight or prioritizing putting it in the box over flying a ball, he’ll be the first to say that that ball should never be allowed to pass into his net.

RB Brooks Lennon 5: Lennon was pretty absent – he scored the fewest touches of any player who went a full 90. I mostly attribute this to tactical incoherence rather than individual failures. But he was not able to leave an imprint on the game.

CB Alan Franco 5: I only played for an hour and frankly didn’t have much to do. He’s only had one duel as the central playmaker at 3 linebackers, which makes one wonder if Atlanta couldn’t have handled Charlotte’s forwards at the back with a 4.

CB George Campbell 6: Campbell was okay. Nothing special, nothing grotesquely bad. Fine.

CB Miles Robinson 5: Interestingly, Robinson plays on the right flank in a defensive 3 position, while he plays the role of a left playmaker when the team plays in a defensive position four. He wasn’t great on Sunday, passing under 80%, winning only 2 of 7 air duels, and overall didn’t help the team advance the ball to the attacking stage when Atlanta was behind 3.

LP Andrew Gutman 7: Gottman had a great game. He was everywhere, including getting in when the team needed him as well. He has participated in an amazing 18 duels, winning 10 of them. And entered the penalty area to achieve the best attempt scored by Atalanta on goal in the match.

CM Santiago Sosa 6Souza has been passing rankly by over 90% and being sent off only once in a match. It’s a positive step with Sosa returning from his off-season surgery, and it was nice to see him get over 80 minutes in today. By the end of next week, it will be 90 minutes on a regular basis.

Ammar Sajdik cm 6: A very strong performer from Sejdic, who only had 3 incomplete passes, was knocked out only once, and won 5/6 duels (although 4 of those duels were by winning dribbles or fouls.)

Marcelino Moreno 6 am: Moreno did a lot of work in the game – he constantly grabbed the ball and was often quickly dragged down the sleeves of his shirt. However, the overall playing pace seemed to slow down when Moreno found the ball, which led to some concerns about how he could use it in Gonzalo Pineda’s system.

Am Thiago Almada 8As the score was blah and the game itself might sound, Thiago Almada was the jewel of the game, emerging as the best player on the field. He passed 88 percent, which is an incredibly high rate given his position on the team as a creative hub. And it’s not all about conservative passes – he had 6 key passes (assists) including a “big opportunity created” when he slipped into Dom Dwyer behind Charlotte’s backline.

Dom Dwyer 5: had chances (0.46 xG to be exact) to score and did not convert. So easy.

Franco Ibarra Sub 6He helped Atlanta dominate the game with his introduction. He should be in the starting lineup soon.

SUB Jake Mulraney 5: He hasn’t really been involved in the game in a meaningful way during his half hour.

Ronaldo Cisneros 6: He showed some speed and energy in his debut. These will be useful qualities going forward. IMO he looked more useful than a Dwyer, but that’s in the eye of the beholder.

SUB Caleb Wiley NA

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