Lazio President Claudio Lotito Breaks 100-Year-Old Club Record

Lazio Lotito

Claudio Lotito is now officially Lazio’s longest-serving president in history. The 64-year-old CEO has kept him at the helm of the company Biancocelesti Affairs since 19th July 2004, 17 years and 8 months since his appointment to the Stadio Olimpico.

As of April 15, the Rome-born civil servant overtakes Fortunato Ballerini as the president with the highest number of days in office — 6,479 versus 6,478. Ballerini was club president from 1904 to 1922 and now, 100 years later, Lotito has surpassed that record.

Lotito won three Coppa Italia title, along with so many Supercopa Italiana Championships during his tenure as President. The Italian entrepreneur has something of a controversial history, and the climax of those controversies came when he took over as chairman of Lazio’s office in 2006 Calciopoli marks a stain on his dominion.

Banned from football for two and a half years in July 2006, he implicated Lazio in their relegation to Serie B and subsequent exit from the 2006–07 UEFA Cup as punishment for their involvement in the football scandal.

Since then, however, he’s managed to stay out of such major controversy.