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Ten Hag will Struggle to Sign Players if Other PL Clubs are Interested, Rangnick Claims

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Written by Martin Graham | April 30, 2022

Manchester United interim manager Ralph Rangnick has claimed incoming coach Erik ten Hag will struggle to persuade players to join the club.

The German tactician believes that this will be the case if Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea are also interested in the same players.

It is understood that Ten Hag is planning an overhaul of the current United squad. Rangnick himself said earlier in the month that up to ten signatures and departures could occur during the next two transfers.

Man United have struggled this season and are on the cusp of losing the top four races and thus the UEFA Champions League next season. This may affect them in the coming seasons as they go after players who Tin Hag finds useful for his vision for the club.

Rangnick has advised the incoming manager to prepare to speak personally with all his targets so that he can convince them if Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp and Thomas Tuchel are also interested in them.

“As a club, in terms of the fans, the stadium, the quality of the training ground, I would say yes [to top players joining the club in ten Hag’s regime].

But we also have to be realistic. Once other clubs like Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City are involved, you need some good reasons and someone has to explain to the players.”

Rangnick stresses the need for personal contact with transportation objectives

Former Red Bull boss Leipzig has continued to stress the club’s need to make scouts personal.

“That’s why what Eric thinks is important,” Rangnick continued. “I know from my time with Leipzig and Salzburg, I know that also from Jürgen and from Thomas, if they want players to be involved in. They talk to the players and maybe the same is true of Pep.

“They will invite the players themselves. It is also about talking to these players and getting to know their mentality and character, are they really the best players for this club.

“It is not just about identifying these players, but also meeting them and convincing them to join the club even though we are not going to play in the Champions League. It is clear that the club needs a few new players. I have already told you how I see that.

“For me, it is important for the club to identify scouts and then recruit these kind of players to develop Manchester United into one of the top teams again, so you need the mentality, quality, fitness, speed and skills. You need the whole package.

“Obviously and I think this season has shown that there are some problems that need to be resolved and that need to be attacked and that need to be resolved.

“I’m positive. Again, I have to say with Erik ten Hag that Manchester United will have one of the best coaches available, perhaps one of the best coaches we have in Europe.

“Then it comes to him, staffing along with the way the team is coached and trained, are the two most important things.

“If these two things come together, I am very optimistic that the fans here at Old Trafford can see a better team and a better kind of football.”

Rangnick tells Teen Hag to go to future stars

Rangnick also suggested that United avoid established stats and focus on players with potential instead. He cited Erling Haaland as an example, noting that players like the early-identified Norwegian should be at the forefront of their transition strategy.

“My personal opinion is that the club should try to find and develop the best stars of the future,” he added.

Haaland is a 21-year-old young player. This is one of those players I talked about. But, on the other hand, he has developed into one of the most expensive strikers in the world.

“It could be one of those examples where I think you have to focus on trying to identify and find and then convince players who could be Manchester United players over the next two years.

“We just need to look at the other big clubs – the other big clubs in England as well as in some other countries in Europe. What kind of players have they done and have they signed in the past, then you get the answer yourself.”

Martin Graham is a sports writer for the MFF Forum

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