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“Show that you’re bothered” – Ex-Chelsea Striker Bashes Lukaku for Another Poor Showing

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Written by Martin Graham | April 21, 2022

Jimmy Floyd Hasselbeink is the latest to face tough words for struggling Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku, who summed up Chelsea’s lack of attack against Arsenal on Wednesday night.

The 28-year-old got his first start over two months ago (more than five Premier League games) by Thomas Tuchel who stated before the match that he wasn’t giving up on his players.

Despite the confidence placed in Lukaku, he was absent throughout the match, making Chelsea look like they were lacking a man in attack. He was eventually replaced by Kai Havertz but the change was not enough to pull Chelsea to victory after he came back twice to equalize against Arsenal.

Hasselbeink, who played for Chelsea between 2000 and 2004, was less impressed with Chelsea’s performance as a whole, but was not particularly happy with Lukaku’s role in it.

Game analysis in Sky Sports StudiosThe former Dutch international said: “For Chelsea today it was a really bad performance. Certain players get a chance, Lukaku, (Malang) Sarr and (Andreas) Christensen.

“Going back to Lukaku, he hasn’t done enough. If you want to be the man you have to run. You need to try to show that you are upset. You have to want to suffer.”

“He doesn’t run, he doesn’t get in gaps, he doesn’t demand the ball from his players. They play against an excited Arsenal team that has lost three times in a row and wants to prove something.

“You need to get over it and at least show some passion. There was no passion from Lukaku and Sarr and Christensen cannot make these kinds of mistakes in these kinds of matches.

He then added, incorporating a special message to Lukaku: “If you look at the match, they were substandard, but Lukaku, Christensen, Sarr and Alonso weren’t good enough for a Chelsea team that should be a contender for the Champions League or the Premier League.”

“I know you can’t be number one anymore but you still play for your pride.

“Lukaku, you haven’t had the best toys that show you’re the man and you really want him. Go and show that desire I didn’t see. That desire, I didn’t see it.”

Chelsea sale: Bidders are committed to ownership for life if bidding is successful

Elsewhere, Steven Pagliuca, co-owner of the NBA franchise, Boston Celtics, and business partner Larry Tannenbaum, the Toronto Maple Leafs franchisee in the NHL, have committed to ‘lifetime ownership’ of Chelsea if their joint bid to buy the club is successful.

Pagliuca, who recently acquired a stake in Serie A club Atalanta, said: “Larry and I have known each other for over 20 years and are committed to this being a lifelong property. It’s a long-term commitment that both families want to make.

“Incorporating a wide range of fan perspectives will be an essential part of our leadership if we are successful.

“It was encouraging to see the groups’ passion on the individual things that were important to them, but also the common issues they sought to articulate: the convenience of investing in first-team teams, continued investment in the academy, the expansion of excellent work in the community, and the redevelopment of Stamford Bridge in the future.

Tannenbaum also spoke about their decision. “The fans want trophies, cups, and the best experience in their stadium. Steve and I are committed to both and we are going to deliver.”

Martin Graham is a sports writer for the MFF Forum