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Real Madrid Target Reece James in Bold Summer Transfer Move

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Written by Martin Graham | April 30, 2022

Reports said that Real Madrid have set their sights on Chelsea defender Reece James.

Los Blancos are known for making bold moving moves, and while James’ move might not be considered bold, pulling it off would be a statement. A bold statement that says: “When Real Madrid calls, they answer.”

James came through Cobham’s Chelsea academy and quickly became a stalwart in the team. The 22-year-old has only been a top professional for three years and is currently considered one of the best defenders in the world.

The young Englishman has been so vital to the club that his absence usually leaves gaps that they struggle to fill. As a result, Chelsea put the defender on a pariah list but Real Madrid are taking a bold step to change this status quo.

However, this signing is planned for the summer transfer window of 2023 according to reports. Real Madrid have already managed to lure James’ Chelsea teammate Antonio Rudiger to the Santiago Bernabeu and are currently focused on Kylian Mbappe.

But James is also a target for many clubs, which makes the 13-times Champions League winner’s goal to sign the England defender in 2023 a bit unrealistic. However, it shows the confidence of the Spanish giants in the transfer market.

Chelsea to fight for James

James would be a huge loss for Thomas Tuchel and the club are ready to fight to keep the 22-year-old at Stamford Bridge.

They are currently embroiled in a property struggle between billionaire bidders who are working to persuade Roman Abramovich and the Ryan group to pursue the club with them. This conflict has crippled the club, which does not have the financial ability to enter into negotiations with any of its players.

This gives room for other clubs to pounce and convince their favorite target to join them instead. James could be persuaded to leave Chelsea as he is in the middle of the earnings tier at the club. His current contract expires in 2025, which means Chelsea will demand a fee that will be enough to scare suitors away from the defender.

It is also understood that some suitors have approached James with the idea of ​​terminating his current contract and not accepting any renewal offers from the Blues in favor of a major payday at their clubs.

Chelsea’s new owners will have to convince the defender, who has already tasted huge success in the UEFA Champions League, to stay at the club beyond 2023.

Martin Graham is a sports writer for the MFF Forum

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