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Premier League Goal Milestones: Five of the best from Cristiano Ronaldo

Premier League Club 100 It opened its doors again this season. Having welcomed the likes of Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and Raheem Sterling during the first half of the season, only now has joined this illustrious club. Cristiano RonaldoOne of the Premier League’s greatest icons of all time.

It’s been a long time in preparation – nearly 20 years, in fact, but now it’s in its second term Manchester Unitedthe Portuguese icon has reached the latest milestone in an unparalleled career with 100th Premier League goal. After arriving in England in 2003 as an 18-year-old freshman from Sporting Lisbon, Ronaldo’s goals have brought unforgettable victories, won trophies, and made him a legend at Old Trafford. Although today’s Manchester United are nowhere near as strong as they are back when Ronaldo first donned red and white, the 37-year-old still manages to carry the bag. 16 goals in the league So far this season, he is an exceptional tally given his age and United’s poor form.

Top 5 goals of Cristiano Ronaldo

From a century of strikes, here it is Five of Cristiano Ronaldo’s crucial goals In a Manchester United shirt.

1. First goal: against Portsmouth (1St November 2003)

It was in the late summer of 2003 when Ronaldo made his debut at Old Trafford, a player who was expected to achieve great things when he promptly received the No.7 shirt.

Having gradually settled into the United squad, the striker quickly scored his first league goal in early November. With the Red Devils leading 1-0 at home to Portsmouth, Ronaldo stood on a free kick on the left flank, and his wicked low shot into the penalty area parried everyone including Pompey goalkeeper Shaka Heslop to embrace the right corner. the network.

The free kick helped guide his side to a comfortable 3-0 victory, the first of Ronaldo’s four league goals for United in a promising first season for the club.

2. 100y Target: Vs Arsenal (23research and development April 2022)

Having left Manchester for Madrid in 2009, it will be a full 12 years between Ronaldo 84y and 85y Premier League goals, the moment that came shortly after the Portugal captain stunned the footballing world by returning to Old Trafford in August 2021.

From that point on, getting to the century was only a matter of time, and that feat was accomplished last weekend against old rivals Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium. With the Red Devils trailing 2-0, Nemanja Matic swung in a cross from the left that Ronaldo met before reluctant Aaron Ramsdale for a simple finish.

However, the blow was in vain, as Arsenal gradually reasserted control of the match and won 3-1, effectively ending United’s top four hopes.

Ronaldo’s fate for next season is anyone’s guess, but for now the veteran is still handing over the goods and doing everything he can for United’s shrinking squad.

3. Best goal: against Portsmouth (11 .)y February 2006)

Where do you start with this? middle horn English Premier League goals Credited with the name Cristiano Ronaldo, there is an endless selection of amazing games as you would probably expect, especially the many branded free kicks.

However, his best goals in English football did not come from a free kick, but rather from open play in a showdown against Portsmouth way back in 2006 at Fratton Park. United once again found themselves leading 1-0 against Pompeii, and with Ronaldo moving forward and the backline withdrawn, the No. 7 fired a shot at his weaker left side from over 30 yards to put his side ahead.

Sheer force and movement in the blow overwhelmed goalkeeper Dean Kelly, and inspired the away team to a 3-1 win. Having arrived soon after at the age of 21St On his birthday, this was another defining moment in the beginning of Ronaldo’s career that cemented his status as a rising star.

4. Top Target: Vs Wigan Athletic (11y May 2008)

The 2007-08 campaign has understandably fallen into Manchester United’s folklore after it ended with the Premier League and Champions League double. The title fight was the one that went straight down, with Ronaldo’s 31 league goals the driving force behind the victory, including one on the crucial final day of the season against Wigan Athletic.

With United and Chelsea tied on points before the final day, anything less than a victory for the Red Devils would risk losing the title to their fierce rival. On a tense afternoon in May, Ronaldo made his mark with United once again with a penalty kick after a foul on Wayne Rooney, calming his team’s nerves and equalizing the singles record for Premier League goals in a season in the process.

It was a defining moment that ultimately decided the season for United, and the team eventually won 2-0 at DW to claim the title with Chelsea faltering and tied two points behind United as Old Trafford claimed a comeback. English Premier League titles.

5. Most Outstanding Goal: Against Portsmouth (30 .)y January 2008)

Ronaldo seems to have a knack for notable goals against Portsmouth, doesn’t he? With goals against the South Coast team from 2003 and 2006 already on this list, we turn to 2008 for the last of these goals, which is undoubtedly one of the most famous and recurring goals in Premier League history.

Having already scored in the first 10 minutes to put his team ahead, Ronaldo is back on the goal list again almost immediately with a superb free kick. Having the ball perfectly positioned 30 yards from the goal in a center right position, Ronaldo volleyed a straight shot arrow into the top corner of David James’ goal, barely moving the goalkeeper while the perfect shot was an inch past him.

From the purposeful setting to satisfying camera angles and cheerful goal celebration, it’s not hard to see why this goal has come up so much over the years, a strike that sums up The best of Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United.

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