Player Ratings from Atlanta United’s road loss to Inter Miami

Before we get to the ratings themselves, I wanted to give a simple overview of how to frame how players are rated personally. This is clearly a subjective measure, not only in terms of how we perceive performance, but also in what the different numbers basically mean. So, how do I evaluate:

1 – Reserved for the moments when someone gets a red card or is visibly wrong for a vital target after a small amount of in-game action.

2 – I rarely give 2, but I wonder … a little better than 1? First half red card.

3 A performance that imposes a significant cost on the team, such as an individual foul that leads to a goal.

4 – A performance in which the player has little/no effect in the game and requires teammates to carry more water. Traveling.

5 Not terrible, but also not adding much value to the team. Or, a non-participating player, it’s hard to customize anything.

**** The line of motivation between overall positive/negative performance ****

6 Solid game. Someone who does more than good. The most common classification, usually.

7 – A very good performance in which the player made a significant positive impact / contribution to the goal while inflicting no real damage throughout the match.

8 Excellent performance. We’re getting into rarer territory here as this will often be the best rating I’ve ever given anyone in the game.

9 – The type of game in which, when it’s over, you know right away that player will have their own paragraph in extra time or in Matt Doyle’s column. Obvious performance.

10– You may only see 10 a few times a year from me. Dedicated to hat-tricks (good ones, not penalties), first-time goals (Caleb Wiley’s only winner so far this season), and other specials or highlights.

player ratings

JK Bobby Shuttleworth 5 It’s hard to say anything about Shuttleworth’s performance one way or the other. It was passing on 22/23 which is great to see. It couldn’t have done much better in either objective.

Andrew Gutman 6 – Really cool game from Gutman, who played indoors at times while building as well as moving forward and forward merging with Caleb Wiley.

CB Miles Robinson 6 He won both of his matches, but this stat alone tells you there wasn’t much Robinson could do defensively. I thought his death was more severe than what we’ve seen in his last two games.

CB George Campbell 3 Some may see this as harsh, others not as harsh enough. But he was at least partially wrong on the first goal and made two consecutive errors including playing hospital ball which led to Miami’s break for the second goal, which in turn cost the team points. that happens.

RB Brooks Lennon 6 My schedule was full of rage for Brooks and he already missed his best chance in the Atlanta game. But I thought he took on good positions and did his job relatively well. Perhaps you can make some decisions in his service, but he was solid.

CM Santiago Sosa 7 The best Argentine match of the season, without a doubt. 90% of passes in midfield, 6/7 contact from long balls usually played in danger zones on the flanks, 9 rebounds and 3 interceptions are as good as one could ask for.

Ammar Sajdik cm 6 – Sejdic was a bit brave on Sunday going forward and trying to play the choppy balls with wilts in attack or attacking midfielders in the pockets. Only two incomplete passes (96%).

LW Caleb Wiley 6 – He made things happen and he wasn’t hesitant to get the ball rolling and drive in DeAndre Yedlin. Wiley did a little bit of everything in this and he did his job well.

Morning Marcelino Moreno 7 He moved the ball faster than we saw before, succeeded in dribbling (4/5), took four shots including two inside the penalty area, participated very generally and combined well with Thiago Almada.

Am Thiago Almada 7 Like Moreno, the stats are great. 5 shots, 4/4 on dribbling, 91 percent passing in an offensive role, he made no mistake (although he should have had one on the edge of the penalty area earlier) and even recovered 5 balls.

Ronaldo Cisneros 7 Great energy, got 5 shots inside the box including one that found the back of the net. He didn’t get the ball very often, but in this system, he wouldn’t. His work off the ball to press Miami’s backline was formidable and much needed.

SUB Luiz Araujo 5 – Looking at the stats, there is nothing particularly bad. But I just felt that when it came, Atlanta lost a bit of the rhythm and fluidity they had in the opening hour. Perhaps this is not Louise’s fault per se and is more tactical. But I think everyone expected something of him to happen and he never had a great opportunity to do it.

There are no reviews for Emerson Hyndman, Jake Mulraney, and Jackson Conway.

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