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Mourinho Spices Up Rivalry with Lazio and Backs Zaniolo

Lazio might have beaten Spezia with an irregular goal, and José Mourinho wasn’t about to let it slide after the Bologna draw: “There is still someone who wins thanks to offside goals in 2022 and that happened yesterday. You shouldn’t hide that.”

The Special One referred to Francesco Acerbi’s late header where the defender appears to be behind the penultimate defender while the keeper came out. However, it does not appear that the VAR saw the breach. That Biancocelesti in the standings to rivals from Crosstown.

The Portuguese gaffer believes that the level of Italian journalism has improved compared to his first stay in his Remarks to DAZN and Heaven (about ansa): “It would be wrong of me to say that there is a lot of intellectual prostitution now, as I tended to think at the time. Except that the press is serious and offers constructive criticism.”

In addition to throwing shadows at Lazio, Mourinho once again defended Nicolò Zaniolo: “The writers and judges are obsessed with him. All questions always depend on the results, and that has not changed in 22 years. It is clear that he has changed his stance, but officials have not reciprocated. He is aware that he is a target. He no longer gets yellow cards because he protests too much. However, he always gets the same treatment anyway.” The Roma striker has been cautioned ten times in Serie A and seen red twice.

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