Marotta Confirms Inzaghi and Comments on Title Race

Giuseppe Marotta reacted to the faux pas against Bologna: “It’s part of the game. We lost a battle but not the war and that’s why we’re angry, not depressed. We’ll see what happens now that there are four games left. Nothing is predictable these days, unlike in the ’70s when teams backed out when they had nothing to play. Serie A is more balanced because many teams have improved their level. It was one of the most interesting seasons in years.”

The Inter CEO attended a missed event Il Foglio in San Siro: “Spending a lot doesn’t necessarily mean winning. The departure of Antonio Conte and two key players, as well as the situation with Christian Eriksen, sent shock waves through the club. Romelu Lukaku and Achraf Hakimi have informed us that they want to move to other leagues. We have important ownership behind us. We have built a competitive team with a winning mentality.”

Marotta praised Simone Inzaghi: “We have an emerging coach who fits our needs. We won the Supercoppa and reached the final of the Coppa Italia. We hope to put the icing on the cake in Serie A too, but we’re very happy with him. The club culture and the solidity of our structures helped him in this.”

“The cost of playing football was unsustainable even before the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to yet another invention. The optimum would be to spend little and get a lot. We had to partially sacrifice our competitiveness in order to be sustainable. It’s a delicate balance.”

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