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Liverpool Players are Legends, says Long Time Fan and Comedian

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Written by Martin Graham | April 28, 2022

British comedian Adam Rowe has described the current Liverpool team as club legends with or without another nickname.

The Reds have turned into an incredible force, a side no one has wanted to play against for six years under Jurgen Klopp. A slow rebuilding of the second most successful team in English football is now a full cycle as the Merseysiders have become one of the most dangerous teams in world football.

They have already concluded the Carabao Cup this season and are vying for three more titles: the FA Cup, the English Premier League and the Champions League. Winning all remaining competitions would make them the first English team to win the quartet.

They are now close to achieving that feat after beating Villarreal at Anfield in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final. An own goal by Villarreal defender Pervis Estupinian and Sadio Mane decided the victory for the Reds to put the tie in their favor.

Rowe was a guest on talkSPORT during the match review and spoke of how the whole city of Liverpool is feeling different thanks to the massive accomplishments of the current Reds.

Roe said the team’s journey has etched their names into history at the club for all involved, no matter how many titles they won at the end of the season.

Rowe says Liverpool took fans on a trip

Roe praised the team for their passion, optimism and how they gave hope to the fans.

“No matter how this season ends, this entire squad are the endorsed Liverpool legends,” said the comedian. TalkSPORT.

“Football, for me, as much as it is about winning titles, there is a big part about it being about the journey and optimism.

“And the feeling in the air in the city at the moment is just something I’ve never experienced before as a football fan. These days, no matter how this season ends, I’m as good as a football fan.

“And I make a very conscious effort to make sure I remember every single one of them right now.”

Rio Ferdinand, who for years played for Liverpool’s greatest rival, Manchester United, couldn’t hide his admiration for Klopp’s squad after the match either.

The former United defender was on match day on duty in BT Sport And the studios said there was nothing stopping Liverpool from achieving the quartet.

“This is the best Liverpool team I have ever seen. They are unrelenting with and without the ball,” Ferdinand said. “It’s the way they put pressure on teams, the energy, the effort, the application, you marvel at that.

‘Which – which [the quadruple] It must be the goal. They will set themselves the goal.

“If they make it, they are immortals, they are above anyone who has played the game in this country. It remains to be seen if they can make it. But they are ticking the boxes all the way for now.”

Sadio Mane matches Drogba’s record for Champions League goal against Villarreal

Meanwhile, Mane will thank Liverpool for giving him some breathing space ahead of their trip next week to El Madrigal in Spain for the second leg of their match against the Yellow Submarines.

Estopenan’s own goal from Jordan Henderson’s cross and Mane’s clever shot were the only goals in the first leg. While the team will be happy, Mane will be happier.

This goal was his 14th in the Champions League knockout stage, as Chelsea legend Didier Drogba equaled the African with the most goals in the knockout stage of the tournament. Although Salah garnered most of the praise – he passed for Mane’s goal and got the assist – the Senegalese striker was also one of the best players in the squad.

Gabriel Agbonlauer, former Aston Villa captain, said earlier today TalkSPORT That Mane deserves the Ballon d’Or before every competitor this year.

“We’ll probably look at Benzema and Lewandowski, but I’m looking at Sadio Mane,” said Agbonlahor. “He won the Africa Cup of Nations, he had a chance to win the Premier League, he won the Carabao Cup and he could win the FA Cup and the Champions League and scored many goals this season.

“I know we’re looking at Benzema, but if they are [Real Madrid] He was sent off by Man City and then I think Mane would be the favorite to get him.

“I look at the way the Ballon d’Or is awarded, it includes the awards as well. Sadio Mane by winning the Africa Cup of Nations, I was putting him above Mohamed Salah as well.”

Martin Graham is a sports writer for the MFF Forum

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