League Planning for Tight Finish Between Milan and Inter

The Scudetto race could go on until the last matchday and local authorities, as well as Milan and Inter officials, are preparing for a busy day at the San Siro. That Rossoneri With 180 minutes left, the Crosstown rivals lead by two points. They face Atalanta on Sunday during the Nerazzurri will visit Cagliari.

Corresponding Corriere della SeraSassuolo-Milan and Inter-Sampdoria would be played simultaneously on May 22ndnd should the title still be on the line. The mandate came directly from the Interior Ministry. The league would have preferred it to be postponed to Saturday. However, due to a concert in Piazza Duomo that day, this is not possible. The combination of such a crowd and the fans’ street celebrations would have created serious public order problems.

However, some problems remain as Serie A wants to hold the title ceremony in both instances at the San Siro. It would be easier for Inter, while Milan is away in Reggio Emilia, albeit not that far. The two games are expected to take place at 15:00 to facilitate the events.

If the Rossoneri prevailed, there was still time to clear the stadium safely and give them the Scudetto later in the day around 9pm to a full house. The combination causes difficulties because of its timing. But in 2008 the time had come. Inter sealed the deal in Parma and headed home hours after Milan-Udinese to celebrate with their supporters.

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