Lazio Respond to Mourinho with Sharply-Worded Note

not Lazio take kindly José Mourinho attacks them for what happened late in the Spezia slope: “The fact that in 2022 another team’s coach, during his pressings, repeatedly alludes to alleged favors towards one of their competitors, and that pundits whose following are known to argue vehemently on the same subject, forget their role and their duty to be impartial , confirms some things.”

“First of all, more than other ambitious professional goals, Lazio is obsessive in her thoughts. As often happens, you look to other sites to divert attention away from disappointing results and glaring episodes in your favor. Despite the need to improve the image of Italian football, some of its parts have not overcome the allegations against referees and the VAR. This insulting attitude towards them and the lack of journalistic integrity are all too often overlooked.”

“The club rejects any criticism or allegations. We believe that true values ​​are proven on the pitch, not on TV. We will never be alibis or scapegoats for anyone. If necessary, we will assert our views in the right seats.”

Lazio cited previous controversies to reply to Mourinho: “We don’t argue against the decisions, even when there are obvious mistakes against us, for example Sandro Tonali fouling Francesco Acerbi in Lazio-Milan or Roger Ibanez elbowing Sergej Milinkovic-Savic in the derby. Those were crucial mistakes, but we respect the referees and the VAR differently than others.” The entire officiating team of the Spezia game was suspended until the end of the season, ansa reports.

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