Inter and Milan Set to Financially Benefit from UEFA’s Embargo on Russia

Both Milan and Inter will benefit financially from the ban of Russian giants Zenit St Petersburg from European competitions amid UEFA sanctions against Russian sides following the country’s invasion of Ukraine earlier this year.

Teams from Russia are effectively banned from European competitions in 2022/23, ie no Champions League, Europa League or Conference League until a solution is found.

Corresponding CalcioeFinanza (about PianetaMilan) the Russian champions Zenit will be replaced by the Scottish champions, who are most likely Celtic. Milan and Inter’s lower placement – 26thth and 27th or – as Zenits 24th in UEFA coefficients means the Italian heavyweights will net more by excluding the Russians.

That Rossoneri are expected to bring €12.5m to their accounts while the Nerazzurri will transfer 13.6 million euros – an additional million each due to Zenit’s absence.

But Juventus (4thth) and Naples (19th) will not benefit from the Russian embargo as they are above Zenit in the 10-year rankings.

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