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I’m fine with the wait for new owners as long as the reason is due diligence – Talk Chelsea

We expected to hear any day who the chosen winners for Chelsea’s purchase would be. However, we have to wait moderately longer and so do the bidders.

According to a report today by The Telegraph, Raine Group, which is handling the sale for Roman Abramovich, has returned to Chelsea’s bidders as improved bids have been submitted to ask questions and get more details on some of their business plans and forecasts. No indication was given to bidders as to when they are likely to learn who won the race.

Believe me I’m as frustrated about this as the next man and I’m sick to death of the whole debacle now and just want to know who the new owners will be.

However, if you look closely, the main reason for this delay seems to be so that those making the decision about who will be our new owners – Abramovich, Bruce Buck and Marina Granovskaia – can ensure they are doing their duty Care with each group and ensure they make the right choice leaving us in safe hands. And I totally agree with that.

I’d rather that than them rushing it any further and not being entirely sure they’re picking the right group for Chelsea and the right group to take us forward, so I’m totally fine with that.

They all want to make sure their last act for this club (IF they leave) is to leave us in good hands for our future and they will leave a legacy to Chelsea if they get it right. So, if there are a few more questions and extra diligence on their part here, so be it. We have to think about the bigger picture and our future here.