Gonzalo Pineda: From my perspective, it should have been a penalty kick

I’ll go ahead and say it, Jair Marrufo failed to do his job. He has failed completely and allowed himself and his pride to spoil the outcome of a professional football match when there is literally a system in place to prevent this exact set of circumstances from happening. I’ll be the first to defend the referees and the job they’ve been assigned in a fast-paced game where it’s not always easy to see what’s going on. But when you fail to invoke an error/penalty after being asked to review it using the camera system which shows clear and clear penalty, you are irresponsible and the whole decision is unjustified. And if you thought Marrufo’s pride/ego didn’t play into that, just read his response to Joe Patrick asking about him after the match.

“In my opinion” doesn’t cut it when the evidence before you is cut and dry. Your opinion as an arbitrator does not matter when the rules of the game were clearly violated; You can’t set the rules as you go, you simply fail to do your job.

Even more frustrating is that this should be a talking point. If the player commits a fatal error, he is fined. What will happen to Marrufo, a stern talker? We have to talk about the way Atlanta United played their best game of the season in terms of attacking football, except for the end, and that Miami got away with three points from a good counter-kick and a moment of one-on-one fouls by George Campbell. Or about Ronaldo Cisneros achieving his first goal. Did Atlanta deserve to win? Yeah. Should they have put the score in their hands more forcefully by ending these chances? definitely. But unfortunately the referee’s bias is part of the game and sometimes that bias can change the outcome of the match on its own because we didn’t even mention the other clear and exaggerated penalty kick in the first half against Marcelino Moreno.

Regardless, Gonzalo Pineda and Ronaldo Cisneros took to the podium to discuss the match after the fact, and Pineda said it best when he mentioned “…but it obviously had bad taste in my mouth because we should have won this match.” There are positives for sure, but Atlanta United will have to figure out a way to start turning these chances into victories, because what is happening now is not sustainable. The entire team feels like it’s just one key moment or little change away from breaking through and fully unlocking their offensive prowess but at this point they’re feeling frustrated. Read below to find out all they had to say, and at the bottom is a link to listen to our Twitter spaces after the match. Don’t worry, you can beat this dead horse until there is nothing left.

Atlanta United coach Gonzalo Pineda

About what he could do more to achieve goals for the team

“We can keep playing offensively and try to create chances. That’s a better problem. Not being clinical when you create too many chances, rather than not being creative at all. Then you beg for a set piece or counterattack or something like that in order to create goals. We have to. We do better. We have to try to be more clinical. With time, I think this thing will change. With the amount of chances we create, I think we will achieve more goals.

On whether getting Luis Araujo fit for 90 minutes would help the offense

“Sure, that’s a big part of it. We lost two big parts of our attack, Josef Martinez and Luiz Araujo, in terms of goal production and all that. I’m aware of that. I think we can still score more goals, even without these two important players. I think the way That we create chances is important to me. We just need to do a better job. Again, that’s why attackers make a lot of money, because they know how to put the ball in the back of the net. That’s the game.”

For what he loves from central defense and midfield

“I think we were good, not just at breaking the first line of pressure, but at unbalancing the midfield. I think that’s something we do well, so there are some positives from the result. It’s not all bleak and bleak, but it’s clearly a pungent taste in the My mouth because we should have won this. I think we should have won this. Even against Cincinnati, I felt the same. I feel like we’re doing a lot of good things, like breaking the first pressing line, appearing aggressive, passing between lines and creating chances. Finding ways Different to attack in the final third. We created many different types of opportunities like shots, from crosses, what I call priority zones, inverted crosses, and balls. There were a lot of different ways to open the opponent’s chest today. Again, frustrated with the result.”

Ali George Campbell

“He is a central defender with huge potential. We are very excited about George [Campbell]. He is still a very young player and at times the center back takes a little longer to achieve consistency. That’s all it’s lacking and that will come at the right time, I think. He has to believe in himself. I believe in it. The team believes in him because he is a hardworking worker. He’s a very talented center back, but he just needs to think the same way about himself and continue on the path of growth. I’m still way ahead of George, and I’m here to help him in any way, to be more stable in terms of performance week by week.”

About the possible penalty calls Atlanta United

“Grace [Saghafi, the fourth official] It was great with me. He has been very clear about how VAR is being conducted nowadays. It’s a little out of the way. On those, I have to trust VAR. I guess I didn’t believe in VAR before it was part of the game, but now that you’re here, we have to trust the process. In the end, one penalty was checked from afar, they said no. The other was up to Jair Marrufo to make the final call. I haven’t seen the play so in my view it should have been PK, but I didn’t watch the replay. I trust whatever the rulers decide against us, it’s okay. I will never complain about it. It was good [Marrufo] Contact and that’s good. ”

Ronaldo Cisneros, Atlanta United striker:

About scoring his first goal and how it happened:

“It was a corner kick and one of my teammates took it and I tried to look for the loose ball to finish it right away. I couldn’t do that, but luckily the ball fell on me again and thanks to God I was able to finish it.”

About the team that suffers from the chances of the end:

“I think the team was playing really well. We were creating chances and like I said the ball didn’t go in. I think what we have to do is keep working and keep creating plays to score goals and try to outpace the opponent. We just have to keep working on those.”

When you are challenged not to get frustrated when you don’t get in the ball:

“Obviously there is a little bit of frustration when we don’t finish the chances we create. But I think there will be more frustration if we don’t create anything, if we are not better than the opponents. I think seeing how we create chances, and we play better than the opponents, that All we can focus on right now.”

About how close his head is in injury time:

“It was very close. I tried to play it on the second post just in case one of my teammates wasn’t around, but he didn’t get in. ”

About how he thinks the match was played today:

“I think we had the majority of chances and possession today. Maybe the first half was more even, as both teams had some chances to score. But in the second half, we had better chances to score, but they scored in two games. The way for this team is to continue the things we are doing. Own the majority of possession, try to create more chances and if we do that, the goals will come sooner or later.”

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