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Defenders will be priority this summer, but that doesn’t mean we ignore midfield – Talk Chelsea

The numerous reports detailing our summer transfer plans all have one thing in common: they all say that new defenders for Chelsea and Thomas Tuchel will be the priority in the market.

To be honest I don’t even think this needs to be reported. It’s very clear that defenders will be our priority this summer. We might lose up to four of our key senior defenders, pretty much a whole line of defences. So it goes without saying that these players urgently need to be replaced.

But that doesn’t mean that we can’t move up to another pressing position – midfield. According to most reports, Tuchel will be supported with subsequent financial investments this summer. So if we’re smart enough, we can certainly turn our attention to midfield as well, which is seen as a very pressing position that Tuchel wants to improve and add to.

Jorginho could leave this summer, as could a handful of other players. So there will be more roster spots and more money coming back, so it won’t all be expenses.

There is a big task ahead for our new owners but I think we can address most of our positions where we need to improve.