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Atalanta Manager Gasperini Moans ‘Freefall’ in Form Post Verona Defeat

Atalanta conceded their fourth defeat in five games with a 2-1 loss in Bergamo to visiting Hellas Verona, who now come from behind Nerazzurri only by three points. Giorgio Scalvini82nd The minute’s strike wasn’t enough to break the Veneto natives’ two-goal lead, even though they enjoyed more possession for most of the game.

Speaking of loss, the La drug investigation Coach Gian Piero Gasperini admitted his side have been in freefall after a frantic slump in form over the past few weeks, causing them to fall out of the top six in an astounding manner.

“Our morale is in free fall at the moment. We have to focus on ending the season on a positive note because we owe that to the fans who support us. The lads tried hard today and we’re not having much luck at the moment, but when we play open games against technical teams we often end up losing,” he told DAZN in his post-match press conference.

The Verona defeat brings Gasperini’s first three-game winless streak of his Bergamo tenure just days after RB Leipzig beat Atalanta in the UEFA Europa League quarter-finals.

He commented: “This year we have made an excellent journey in Europe, both in the Champions League and in the Europa League. We did very well in the league until December, but then we were no longer able to meet expectations and the quality of play we were used to.”

Atalanta sits in 8th place, five points behind Lazio and Fiorentina, who are both stuck on 56 points each.